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groovyjay 27.01.2009 00:26

Vähän valoa Vetten tulevaisuudesta
Löysin kivan pikku jutun jenkki foorumilta:


My dad and I went to the Detroit Auto Show on Friday. My dad happened to be sitting in a Dodge Challenger in the drivers seat and started up a random conversation with a guy who was sitting in the passenger seat just checking out the Dodge. After some small talk about the car my dad learned he was a senior gm engineer who works in the corvette division. He talked with us for about 30 minutes. My dad and I had told him we got a ZR1 the day after xmas. He was really surprised considering there are not many people in Detroit that currently have a ZR1 (or anywhere considering there are only 610 produced so far). That really sparked his interest in speaking with us. Here is what he told us (in no specific order). BTW - if I am posting things that members already know please don't blast me. I am new to this forum.

1. The corvette engineering team within GM has the highest level of commitment to product development and execution. Second to none. They listen to the buyers who purchase these cars and do their very best to satisfy the wants of all corvette enthusiasts.
2. The seats (and there lack of lateral support) that everyone complains about have not been changed because they do not want to limit the range of the perspective corvette buyer by introducing more side support on the seats thus limiting who can fit in them. Larger people would not be comfortable with those type of seats and they don't want that.
3. Exhaust note and the valves opening at 3000 rpm on the ZR1 are designed that way because of federally regulated noise restrictions. He was very aware of all the aftermarket devices that are available that leave the valves open all the time (he was smiling about it).
4. The 2010 ZR1's will not have more horsepower. The engines are engineered, designed and assembled at their peak.
5. He said Chevy is not going to come out with another bigger horsepower successor to the ZR1. He stated the government regulations on gas economy has put an end to the horsepower wars. As Chevy moves forward they will put their emphasis on lighter weight materials along with less horsepower to still achieve performance standards along with gas economy restrictions.
6. The ZR1 will always remain as the flagship model for Corvette. They are not planning on building more than 4,000 units (and possibly less depending on plant closures, the bailout etc.). He used the word "icon" when describing how they want the c6 ZR1 to be perceived in the GM history books. They purposely do not want to saturate the number of ZR1's and reduce the exclusiveness of the model. They want to keep the numbers low. Good news for those who have already purchased one and those who will get one.
7. He sort of chuckled when I asked him if he liked about the Viper ACR sitting 50 feet from us. He very much respected the car but he felt the comparison of the ring times to the ZR1 are not exactly apples to apples based on the fact the ACR is not a street legal car and it was tested using the factory supplied racing slicks (not exactly the type you find on a normal vehicle). He was not bashing it at all though, he just wanted to be sure we knew the ACR's specifications.
8. He even gave me his name and contact information if I had any questions or concerns with my ZR1. I could tell he was a very dedicated and sharp guy just by the way he talked about the ZR1 and corvettes in general. I also felt that he genuinely wanted to make sure that I felt the money spent on my ZR1 was justifiable.
9. He wanted to know what dealership I purchased it from and if I was able to get it for sticker price. I couldn't express to him enough about Jeff Cauley and Cauley Chevrolet and the way they handled my purchase. Absolutely the best dealership I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I told him Jeff was truly a man of his word and GM should be proud to have him represent great products such as the ZR1 and chevy in general. He was well aware of the positive Cauley reputation and the level of integrity at which they operate.

Eli ZR1 tulee jäämään historiaan kaikkien aikojen Corvettena, joka on tehty vanhan ajan polttomoottori teknologialla. Jos 2010 ZR1:a vielä tehdään, hevosvoimia ei tule enempää, LS9 on jo huippuhevosvoimissa valmiiksi.

Aina harmittaa noi C5 ja C6 jakkarat, koska jenkille maistuu läski, joutuu siitä kaikki kärsimään paskojen penkkien takia.

Myös toi Viperin ringi enkka homma oli ihan hauska, vette on huhujen mukaan mennyt slikseillä muutaman sekunnin jo viperia kovempaa.

Eli C7, tuleeko vielä perinteisellä polttomoottorilla? Hybridi? Aurinkokenno? Elämme jännittäviä aikoja ja Obama laittaa vaan lisää löylyä koneeseen, mahtavaa!

Corvette63 27.01.2009 00:31

Hybrid! :thumrigh:

TomiT 27.01.2009 00:51


Originally Posted by Corvette63
Hybrid! :thumrigh:

Polkuauto ?

Corvette63 27.01.2009 00:53


Originally Posted by TomiT
Polkuauto ?

Vielä parempi! :viking:

Wormie 27.01.2009 01:07


Originally Posted by TomiT
Polkuauto ?

Siinä ainakin on sitte paremmat jakkarat ;)

Harri -76 27.01.2009 23:44

Tässä niitä vaihtoehtoja itsekkin odottelen... Turpeesta on jo suomessa koelaitokset pystyssä. Tietysti se ei poista CO, kun polttoon edelleen perustuu, mutta hiilen kierron kannalta paaaaaljon parempi kuin nykyiset öljyyn pohjaavat ratkaisut.

Tietona että Suomen turvevaroihin sitoutunut energiasisältö ylittää pohjanmeren öljyvarat (mitä ne joskus olivat) > väite: Suomi voisi olla polttoaineen viejä. (turpeen energiaa ei tietysti voida 1:1 jalostaa polttoaineeksi, mutta mäski menee voimalaitoksien hyödyksi, joten 1:1 on koko ketjussa hyötysuhde naivisti ilmaistuna. Tämä näin toisen polven biopolttoainemahdollisuuksista suomessa. (tähän tulee mukaan myös puu, peltoviljelyn tuottama bioraakaaine) Unohdin sanoa, että suomen liikennepolttoaineet kaikelle liikenteelle (maantie) voitaisiin tuottaa 20-30 vuodeksi ottamalla käyttöön 1% suomen suomaasta tähän käyttöön! Soista turvetuotantokäytössä on tällä hetkellä hieman yli 1%.


energy 28.01.2009 13:55


Originally Posted by groovyjay
Aina harmittaa noi C5 ja C6 jakkarat, koska jenkille maistuu läski, joutuu siitä kaikki kärsimään paskojen penkkien takia.

Tai olis edes optiona jotkut paremmat jakkarat ei olis sillon epäreilua ketään kohtaan, päin vastoin. Jos joku on semmonen luuperse niin sais sit sille sopivan jakkaran tai sitten isoperseinen pitäis vakio jakkarat.

kraap 28.01.2009 21:11


Sörsselssön 31.01.2009 21:49

Kuuspyttynen. :thumleft: :cheers:

pirre 02.02.2009 22:53

diisseli :thumleft:

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