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estoniancorvette 26.01.2019 09:16

Corvette RoundUp 7-9 June 2019 Pühajärve, Estonia
Hi everybody!
International Corvette RoundUp will be held again on June 7-9th.
Corvettes are coming from Norway, Finland and of course from Estonia. This time the meeting place will be in Pühajärve, Otepää, Estonia. Central point for Corvettes is Marguse Spordibaas There will be a car show at Otepää Central Square, cruise in Southern Estonia and of course there are saunas, barbecue, etc. More info coming soon! Hope to see you in Otepää this summer!

estoniancorvette 29.01.2019 08:15

First participant.
First participant.
What year? :D

estoniancorvette 08.02.2019 08:35

Next participant.

estoniancorvette 21.02.2019 08:59

Next participant C6Z06

estoniancorvette 01.03.2019 14:11

Next participant C4 1993

Pellikka 02.03.2019 14:46


estoniancorvette 06.03.2019 10:34

Important information about booking!
International Corvette RoundUp 7th-9th on June.

This time it is held in Marguse Sports Base in Southern Estonia:
Marguse Sports Base is located 215 km from Tallinn and 1 km from Otepää via Tallinn–Tartu–Võru–Luhamaa/Route 2 (215 km).

7th on June- Corvettes go to Otepää, Marguse Sports Base. Accommodation, grilling, swimming, sauna etc.
8th of June- 12:00-14:00 car show in the town center of Otepää.
14:00 cruise via old Võru road (50-60 km).
16:00 getting back to Marguse Sports Base. Sports activity and games, grilling, swimming etc. We'll have the saunas in our command on Saturday again.
9th of June- going back home after late breakfast.

Participation fee is 25¤ per Corvette. You can pay by transferring the money to Corvette Club Estonia: Eesti Corvette Klubi
IBAN: EE841700017003186079 Luminor
or pay by cash in Otepää.

We are asking you all to book the stay here: . Make sure you write “CORVETTE” in the comment section. You don't have to pay in advance and when you book, make sure you'll get the confirmation on your e-mail.
It's 25¤ per person per night (includes breakfast). So 2 people, 2 nights (with breakfasts) costs 100¤.

There is also the opportunity to stay at the Pühajärve SPA: Pühajärve is located 3,5 km from Otepää.

estoniancorvette 06.03.2019 10:52

Napolero 06.03.2019 11:12

Sounds Cood :rock:

estoniancorvette 07.03.2019 12:51

Hello, everybody!



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