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Originally Posted by VetteMan
Tuleeko pumppu PWM ohjauksella, kuten noissa alkujaan, ainakin vettessä vai regulaattorilla ja paluulla?
Ei taida olla paluulinjaa.

Tällaisen Dave Steck ohjeisti hommaamaan:

The DSX Tuning Aux Pump Kit is the original and budget friendly alternative to big fuel supply with a simple installation. There's no need to get inside of the factory fuel tank, as this system taps into the tank and uses an external pump that ties back into the factory feed line. With the help of the factory fuel pressure control module, the ECM always knows what your fuel pressure is even when the aux pump kicks on to give a huge boost in pressure and flow.

The heart of the C7 system is a DSX Tuning proprietary PnP controller that uses CAN data. There's no need to tap vacuum lines or install a Hobbs switch as the DSX Tuning controller utilizes CAN data from the parking brake jumper to trigger the pump. The controller is incorporated into an easy to install harness with minimal connections to ensure the end user doesn't have to do any wiring. The pump is activated any time the ECM commands 500kPa or higher fuel pressure and features a soft start function meaning the pump is not immediately commanded to full duty cycle and consequently results in a much smaller spike in fuel pressure. The controller also features a built in priming/purge function: simply key the vehicle on (but don't start the engine) and push the gas pedal. The pump will run proportional to how hard you push the gas pedal! If you need to pump fuel out of the tank or just want to purge the lines, this makes it easy. The controller is also programmed to disable the pump driver if the parking brake is engaging or disengaging so the factory wiring is not overloaded. These are made with all solid state electronics that are self protected meaning there are no fuses, mechanical switches, or relays that can fail from vibration or repeated arcing (this is what happens to a Hobbs switch or relay over time). What's more is there is no need to run any wiring from the engine bay since everything is contained within the rear driver's fender. This is the most advanced controller available and allows the tuner to activate the pump exactly when needed by modifying the pressure modes in the ECM.

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