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C3 (vuosimallit 1968-1982) Corvette C3 - "Shark Body"

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Old 29.08.2019, 12:40
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Dajazzz on oikealla tiellä
fuel lid spring was broken and the fuel lid frame was badly oversprayed in paint.

so sandblasting and primer (i need check if this should be black or in the color of the body)

final result and now with new spring so the lid stays open

Nice clean job for a change.
C3 1981
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Old 29.08.2019, 13:30
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jyrkita on oikealla tiellä
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Originally Posted by Dajazzz

I´m a Dutchguy who has been living in Finland since early 2005.
Recently bought a C3 from 1981. And this car will need some work, but i might post ones a while here what i have done so far.
Please feel free to use Finnish language as i will understand it, its just easier for me i post in English, and i might not look as dumb as i really am.

Anyway picture says more than a thousand words,,,
how i bought the car:

first changed the licence plates, removed some hideous LED lights, gave it a wash and started some of the needed maintenance.

new filters, etc:

and then i had this very funny situation with the brake lights.
somebody put a wrong brakelight switch and pulled the wires from the switch all the way to the tail lights... while a 15euro switch and reconnect the original wires solved all problems. Why ow why go through all this hassle with a non original part is a big question for me...

I have no history about this car but its clear it has not received the love it deserved...
Wires were on my first priority. as all connectors were looking good i decided to fix the wires instead of buying a new harness. So getting correct collors and take the soldering machine out..
I expect the Alternater must have burned out some day.. because, boy ow boy... that this did not cause problems on my way to home still surprises me

the wiring continued,,,
To get the corner lights and blinkers working how they should i had to dig into this. I just had to laugh when i noticed this:

1 weekend i was on my knees soldering wires:

easier when you pull all back out.

very satisfying end result on sunday

lift off for new tires:

lukily the brakes have been done by and the frame looked ok so far...

new tires:
Tervetuloa..very nice car
Vm- 1982 350 Cross Fire Injection L83 TBI Th 700 R4
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Old 29.08.2019, 19:40
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Wellcome to forum!
Nice job
I always respect guys who fixed previous installers faults.

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