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C2 (vuosimallit 1963-1967) Corvette C2 - Sting Ray

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Old 30.06.2018, 14:54
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Pekka Berkeles has a spectacular aura aboutPekka Berkeles has a spectacular aura about
"Estimated top speed 145 mph..."

Motor Sport Magazinen C2-testi vuodelta 1964. Näyttäisi olevan ruiskupikkulohkolla.

Harmi että kardaani tärisi yli 120 mph vauhdissa...

"However, it is not on the test track that the performance is best appreciated, but on the road, where the staggering performance is shown up to its best advantage. Other cars which are travelling quite quickly disappear to a dot on the horizon in an incredibly small space of time once the Sting Ray is past, and there are very few cars which can attempt to hold the Sting Ray for any length of time. Within a few seconds of leaving a built-up area it can be cruising at 100 m.p.h. at a modest 4,500 r.p.m., and at this speed the car feels like most other cars do at 50 m.p.h., for engine and wind noise is kept to a minimum. So confident does one become in the Sting Ray that 100 m.p.h. is used between lorries on short stretches of main road, and the Motorway speed is limited only by bravery and common sense, although with the test car the accent was on bravery for there was a violent transmission vibration which came in at speeds of over 120 m.p.h., and this caused us to desist from determining the car's maximum speed, which should be well in excess of 140 m.p.h. It is unlikely that this vibration is present in other Sting Rays and was probably a legacy of our original drive-shaft breakage."

Performance Data

0-30 m.p.h. .. 2.5 sec. (2.4 sec.)

0-40 m.p.h. .. 3.5 sec. (3.3 sec.)

0-50 m.p.h. .. 4.6 sec. (4.5 sec.)

0-60 m.p.h. .. 6.0 sec. (5.9 sec.)

0-70 m.p.h. .. 7.9 sec. (7.9 sec.)

0-80 m.p.h. .. 9.7 sec. (9.5 sec.)

0-90 m.p.h. .. 12.2 sec. (12.1 sec.)

0-100 m.p.h. .. 14.3 sec. (14.3 sec.)

Standing-start ¼-mile .. 14.0 sec. (14.0 sec.)

(Figures in parentheses are best times)

Speed in gears : 1st, 65 m.p.h.; 2nd, 85 m.p.h.; 3rd, 110 m.p.h.; top, 145 m.p.h. (estimated)

GM LS-moottorien ahdinasennukset, vapariviritykset, säädöt sekä dynomittaukset

Myös vianetsinnät sekä huollot C5/C6 Corveteille

Soita 0400 358 238

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Old 01.07.2018, 21:31
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LT-1 on oikealla tiellä
Lyhyempi perävälitys tarttis olla tuolle koneelle. 1960- luvulla välityksiä oli saatavilla ainakin 6 kpl, 3.08 - 4.56.

1970- luvulta eteenpäin toopet poisti välitysoptiot. esim. C4 manuaaliin sai tasan yhden välityksen. Ehdottomasti olisi pitänyt olla tarjolla vähintään kolme välitystä, esim. 3.45/ 3.90/ 4.30.
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Old 01.07.2018, 21:40
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MPÄ on oikealla tiellä
2.59 on just sopiva

1969 C3 cabriolet, C31, C60, M20, J50, N37, U69, 973/zQ4 1 out of 6, daily driver
1968 C3 coupe 427 L71, F41, M21, N40, U79, A01, 978/Black restoration
1987 C4 coupe 350 autom black since 1995
1984 Jaguar XJS V12 projekti for sale!
1967 Shelby projekti
1971 Honda Monkey Z50A suomi projekti
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Old 01.07.2018, 23:08
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LT-1 on oikealla tiellä
Originally Posted by MPÄ
2.59 on just sopiva

Todellakin C4 manuaalissa (zf). Satasen vauhdissa n. 1050 rpm koneessa, hyvin vetää.

Automaatti asia erikseen.
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